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More and more companies are adopting the free and open-source software.

A screenshot of a scene and the user interface in modern Blender versions. It’s a scene of a beach with a lot of rocks and dune grass and an ocean with a sunset. The userface is dark gray and you can see a node editor at the bottom.
A simple scene in the newest Blender version that can easily compete with other 3D programs, image by author.

3D modeling and VFX software is incredibly expensive. Licenses for Maya, Cinema 4D, or 3DS Max cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year. This makes it very difficult for beginners to learn and too expensive for most independent artists and developers.

For a long time, there were no…

What is a good admin panel design and is it worth your time?

An image of my website’s admin panel with the navigation link tab open and a short list of links with a few options.
The updated admin panel of my personal website, image by author.

They live in the deepest and darkest corners of the internet. Always in the background. Never seen by the majority of normal users.

No, I’m not talking about porn or the dark web.

I’m talking about admin panels and dashboards.

These days, almost every website has some type of configuration…

The Netflix drama series shows the struggles of an orphan on her way to become the best chess player in the world

The movie poster of The Queen’s Gambit, an image of a woman sitting behing a chessboard.
Image from imdb.com.

As I was scrolling through Netflix, a new thumbnail caught my eye: A beautiful woman sitting behind a chessboard. This had me intrigued. I love chess and as it so happens beautiful women. I started watching and got immediately hooked.

The Queen’s Gambit follows the life and career of Beth…

A book review of Cryptos by Ursula Poznanski where humans live in virtual worlds to escape from the effects of climate change

A photo of the Cryptos book on a table.
Cryptos by Ursula Poznanski. Photo by author.

Climate change and global warming have turned vast areas of the globe into desolate wastelands. Most humans have escaped into virtual reality capsules and live in multi-faceted virtual worlds. Jana is a world designer, who works for a mega-corporation and her job is to design and maintain the worlds, where…

You can learn a lot from creating a game within a short amount of time

A collage of some of my Ludum Dare games with a big clock in front of it to indicate the time pressure in a game jam.
Creating a game under time pressure in a game jam can be a valuable learning experience. Images by author.

Game jams could be a valuable addition to the curriculum of a computer science degree. Let me explain.

A game jam is a game development competition where you have a very limited amount of time to create a game. One of the most famous game jams is Ludum Dare, where…

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